Anastasia Delmark is a cutting-edge film and creative director based in Los Angeles, California. She possesses an innovative and bold approach to music video and commercial production, with a strong focus on uniting society, challenging the status quo, and conveying profound ideas through unforgettable imagery. With experience living in three polar opposite countries—Russia, China, and the United States—Anastasia has developed a deep understanding of human nature and a rich appreciation for diverse cultural backgrounds.
Her visual language emerges at the intersection of architecture, as she holds a university degree in architecture and design, film, a keen eye for the beauty in everyday life, and a passion for exploring new technologies. Anastasia has garnered attention at prestigious film festivals and has represented Sony Innovative Studios at SIGGRAPH this year talking about the future of filmmaking and Virtual Production. She stands as one of the pioneering directors with early access and mastery of XR/virtual production workflows, enabling her to craft extensive virtual worlds for her clients.
The immersive worlds she designs not only find their home on YouTube and various social media platforms but also within the Metaverse, as exemplified by their presence within the popular Fortnite online game. Anastasia's work has collectively garnered over 100 million views across all these platforms. She has directed videos for top-tier music labels, including Universal, Sony Music, Columbia, and Sony Pictures (Sony Innovative Studios), firmly establishing her reputation as a creative visionary in the field.
Music Video Representative: Laure Scott

For other inquiries: Anastasia Delmark
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